You mock those who blindly follow the majority…turn your attention now to those who are so dedicated to deviating from the norm that they would gladly cease breathing if it were suggested to them that inhalation was a form of conformity; for they deserve just as much scrutiny and ridicule.


Avoiding something simply because it is “cool”* is as foolish as liking something merely on the basis of it’s socially favoured status. This is because a person undertaking the former is still acknowledging the “cool” status of the item in question, and deciding their position on something solely because of the opinions of the masses. Flocking from trends is just as reprehensible as flocking towards trends, because you are allowing trends to influence your preferences. Your preferences should frolic freely amongst all possibilities and not flock anywhere in response to trends and the public opinion. A mindless avoider of trends who does not subject them to his own judgement but cultivates distaste for them based solely on the fact that others favour them is not noticeably less retarded than he who mindlessly cultivates a fondness for anything that currently happens to be in the limelight of other’s affections.

*”Cool” here need not mean mass-trendy, on the radio, etc. Cool can be anything that any group of people assent to within any subculture. “Cool” doesn’t need to mean favoured by the mass majority, just the majority of any particular social clique.


17 Responses to “You mock those who blindly follow the majority…turn your attention now to those who are so dedicated to deviating from the norm that they would gladly cease breathing if it were suggested to them that inhalation was a form of conformity; for they deserve just as much scrutiny and ridicule.”

  1. just a random hit, musings… hope you have a great new year. peace.

  2. yus, very nice; “cool”, subcultures and even attitudes to a certain extent are sociological phenomena; conformity. Would you agree that there is nothing wrong with conformity per se; the problem lies in the lack of rationality? The same problem arises with religion: the vast majority of religious people are/were subjects of childhood indoctrination and subject to sociological forces. That is, if someone is a Christian, it is because most members of their immediate family are and deviance would result in considerable discomfort therefore they dont deviate. As always these, you would think important, questions are subject to much less dialectical inquiry than you would hope and are more a result of socialisation and social network.

    • Indeed there is nothing inherently wrong with mass-appreciation or mass-participation, my beef is with one’s motivations for conforming in any given instance – in particular, motivations revolving around the status of the appreciated entity or participated in event.

  3. 5 joe

    i enjoyed the read.. reminds me of the song ‘Admit It!’ by ‘Say Anything’.

  4. 6 zac

    it can be argued that your thaught of non-conformity somehow being worse then conformity is nothing more then a conformist trying to justify their conforming ways.

    • That would only hold true if my preferences happened to align with that of the unwashed masses. Unfortunately for you, me and the masses don’t often see eye to eye – but when we do, I do not alter my preferences due to this fact.

  5. 8 Jenny Tres Chic


  6. zac – you could argue that, but that’d be besides the point. My point remains valid regardless of my own choices whether or not to conform – of which you know nothing, I might add. No, my motivation for writing this wasn’t to justify any of my own behaviour, rather, it was general annoyance at the stupidity I see exhibited by my fellow humans every day. Keep it up douchebags, you inspire me.

  7. 10 Jaryth

    I want to know who originally said what is quoted in the title of this article. I’ve quoted it once or twice, and I’ve yet to cite it with any confidence that I had credited the correct person.

  8. ummm….I said it. Wrote it, rather. I can see how you’d think an ancient philosopher with a pipe and a beard would have been the one to create such a sentence, but it was just me being pompusly proper.
    You can attribute it to “Aisia Kouznetsova” or my more distinguished title – “captain pinhead”.

  9. 13 lay

    I love this.I Know this obnoxious girl, that believes she is better than the collective because she does the opposite.I try to tell her to stop basing her life aroungd what they do and what the other large group of “outsiders” think is acceptable. Her response is to blink rapidly.

  10. Make her read this, perhaps?
    If understanding the big words I use proves too challenging, you could always…cease knowing her.

  11. I work with a d-bag who preaches about being non-conformists aka veagan or w/e you stupid asses call it, but yet he goes out and drinks (who doesn’t drink?) and eats four double cheese burgers from mcd’s and then calls himself a ‘considerable veagan’? Bunch a dumbasses that are going against anything cuz they feel like they’re rebelling. NOTE to all Veagan shit heads, you’re not doing anything to help your dumbass cause, none of you probably graduated high school, and good luck with life.

    • Yeah people can be hypocrites, especially when alcohol clouds their judgment – but it’s irrelevant to whether you should eat meat or not.
      It’s like if hitler was to have preached that massacre and murder are wrong, then did what he did; it doesn’t make his words about it untrue, it just makes him an inconsistent person, which is entirely irrelevant to the decision.
      Just because you’ve met (and have to tolerate daily) a vegan whose personality annoys you and who inebriates himself to the point of forgetting his own values doesn’t make it a “dumbass cause”. And what does school have to do with it? look up a list of a few famous vegetarians, if you think intellect and eating meat are correlated – they are,but not like you think. If you reach a certain plateau of awareness and realize you’re just a meat machine, it loses its appeal, you look at the flesh you’re constructed of and the flesh on your plate and finally, the connection between them forms, despite the meat industry’s efforts to keep everyone ignorant, some people can still switch their minds on…Why do you eat meat?

  12. I’m sorry to come off so harsh, but this guy annoys the shit out of me day in and day out.

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