What captain pinhead can do for YOU



This blog should distract you

from the mediocrity of existence

for a good five hours.

it distracted me for many more hours

Choose your distraction:


Hilarity is the best thing for all forms of “life-ache”, especially boredom. I have hand-picked the finest Demetri Martin, Mitch Hedberg & Jack Handey quotes for your amusement – if I have missed anything important, comment and share your quote. The Demetri Martin quotes has turned into a huge database of all of the funnies he ever made thanks to comments.


I’m not a drug addict, I’m a “substance enthusiast”. As such, I have amalgamated some material on the following topic – pictures, experiences, ridiculous theories of the mind formed on hallucinogens and dissociative anesthetics, that sort of thing.

UPDATE: I am awake from the depths of self-delusion and control by substances. I now live a healthy life and listen to my body instead of numbing it with substances. A few of my pro-drug rants remain up here – mainly ones to do with safety. I no longer advocate for the ingestion of substances; try exercise, eating right, Buddhism, meditation or breath work for lasting relief from plight! Drugs just postpone the woe.



I also have a few entries which are best described as “mind-vomit” – I touch type, and sometimes the effects of the aforementioned “substances” make me inspired and motivated to expel the contents of my brain into wordpress. If you want to see inside someone’s head, these may prove interesting, or terrifying, but definitely distracting.


Have no fear, they are not the tedious, mind-numbingly dry essays that educational facilities require one to churn out; they have a healthy dose of ridiculousness and inappropriateness, otherwise I would not suggest them as distractions from boredom but, rather, potential causes. I’ll put more up as I sift through my computer and find them, they shall be philosophy/psychology-based, with a particular focus on tearing down religion; they should interest someone who doesn’t just want to distract themselves from the shortcomings of life indefinitely; creatures who actually want to do something about the state of things, if they exist. Do your uni research, feed your brain or just plagiarize my work. Essays on Intelligent Design, Philosophy of Religion, Psychology, etc. The latter, research-helpful essays, though still pumped full of preposterousness, fall into a slightly different category. When deadlines start to loom, you might need to have quick access to essays mocking religion, questioning the bible and the like – click below. Note: some categories may overlap if something is relevant to both topics.

If you want to support me – I’m currently fundraising to afford rehab and heal. I aim to help others heal their addictions once I am done healing mine. Currently stuck on government-sanctioned opiates a.k.a. Suboxone! I’m cutting down at present and saving up – rehab is expensive!

Hidden cos its the only way to seperate the front page hooters and boobuffallo

Hidden cos its the only way to seperate the front page, boots with the fur sucks

7 Responses to “What captain pinhead can do for YOU”

  1. 1 Hal

    well, stumbled upon this blog. Great blog. Wish I’d found it earlier.

  2. 2 jewelry2009

    wonderful painter..

  3. Just browsing around and came upon your site. Very solid post. Will be adding you to my RSS reader.

  4. 4 bet365

    how are you I was fortunate to discover your blog in google
    your Topics is wonderful
    I get a lot in your topic really thanks very much
    btw the theme of you site is really marvelous
    where can find it

  5. I love the picture used for illustration. I agree that we’ll be distracted by your blog 😀

  6. 6 jeson

    First time visitor to your blog here. Interesting stuff…thanks for sharing!

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