How to take nitrous – Nos Inhalation 101


This is the bare minimum you need to know if you’ve decided upon taking nitrous but haven’t the slightest idea how.

I don’t recommend that you take it. I did for 10 years, on and off. I justified it to myself in various ways. I was experimenting with consciousness… But I was so disconnected from my body that I didn’t notice it was poisoning me. Now that I’m tuning into my body, I can tell that this is bad for me. Each individual bulb has this coating in it – a coating that ends up in your lungs. Open a machine and run your finger on the inside to get an idea of what I mean.

I have not removed this post despite my change of heart because I remember what I was like when I had my heart set on something. I would do it regardless of what I was told – I take it you will too. Just remember you need oxygen too, or Nitrous will not work. Also if you take too much of it, you can get bubbles in your brain which will lead to instant death. And really ask yourself why you want to take it – could you be running away from something? It will still be there when you return, and the pain of re-entering reality after nitrous makes leaving just not worth it, in my book. If it is for spiritual experience/transcendental insight – I have spoken to many ex trippers who swear that the spiritual experiences they have through meditation put the ones they had from drugs to shame. There are many ways to alter your state of consciousness which are actually beneficial for your health, perhaps look into them someday… But for now, if you must…


Step one – purchase or beg tomachines borrow one of these:

Regular humans tend to refer to them as “cream whippers” or “soda siphons”. Nos-heads call them bulbalisers.
Older machines will tend to leak and taste like milk gone terribly wrong, and leave freezing shards of the seal in your throat; whilst the so-called “easywhip” makes it impossible to load quickly without injuring your hands. My machine of preference was actually a soda siphon, not technically a cream whipper.

Step two – acquire some of these ->

box-of-goodtimeI’m not going to tell you how :p


Soda chargers may look similar, but inhaling them will cause no fun whatsoever, instead making one gag and feel much pain.

Step three – Make sure your machine doesn’t leak.

Make sure the top part is screwed in tightly;  remove the bulb-holder bit of the machine and tighten the seal (by twisting) within the threaded bit of the machine.

Step four – Load your machinebulb-in-proper-angle

Grab a bulb (a.k.a. cream charger) and insert it into your machine thus. Remember that the seal, the narrow part of the bulb, should always face the machine, and not the other way around – if, under the influence, you unwittingly attempt to load it the other way around, you’ll break the bulb-holder part of the machine. This happens surprisingly often, so it’s a good idea to have a sober person around to load for you.


Screw the bulb holder and bulb in, until you hear it crack as it expands in the machine. At this point you can load another bulb into the holder, then crack the second one after inhaling. Though it is possible for some machines to hold more than one bulb’s worth of gas at a time, this is potentially dangerous and will wear the machine out quicker.

Step five – Inhaling the nitrous

machineBefore inhaling, you should really ensure that you are in the right environment, if you want to make sure you don’t hurt yourself and if you want to have mind-blowing trips. This blog just covers the physical “how to” of taking nitrous, but there’s a lot more to having a good trip than just inhaling it, and I’ve erased it, because I don’t want to encourage you.
Breathe out, empty your lungs, hold the part of the machine you see here expelling the gas up to your mouth, and press gently on the lever/button to get a feel for how hard it comes out. Think of the machine as containing your air supply, but do have sips of oxygen in between breaths of nitrous[3]. Make sure you are in a well ventilated area where there is much fresh air.
Try to keep it in for a bit then exhale, and by this time there should be another bulb loaded for you, if you’ve got a loader. If you don’t, you will now have to repeat the loading process, while half-out of it, and will probably get frustrated by your own incompetence or whang your head with the machine.

That’s the absolute basics;  if you want to make sure you don’t hurt yourself read this.

I was probably nitrous oxide’s biggest fan, and even I don’t recommend doing it, however. So really have a thinky-wink before you do. The stuff you get at the dentist is inhaling grade – the stuff you can take in these machines is catering grade, it is not meant for inhalation, and with it you inhale a bunch of toxic metal crap. You may be like me, and feel void deep inside, be unfulfilled and disempowered…trust me when I say that this will only prolong those feelings. Trashing your body will make you feel worse in the long term, because you’re not being kind to yourself. I know it’s easy to fall into the habit, when the world is getting trashed around you, but I promise that you can feel ever more excellent without drugs!

Over and out
ex-“Sir Nosalot.”

[1] X should be over two. Closer to ten if you’re taking it with hallucinogens.
[2] And you could really, really hurt yourself, if you don’t prepare right. People have died from not taking it right.
[3] Brain cells die from lack of oxygen. What they give you at the dentist is about a 70/30 split of nitrous and oxygen, and even that, with the right music and your eyes closed, is enough to make you trip out, while being safe enough for dentists to administer it.


28 Responses to “How to take nitrous – Nos Inhalation 101”

  1. 1 lauren

    thank you i have learnt lots and will tresure this knowledge forever.

  2. 2 Uhhh....

    I suggest you research the damage done to you by inhaling these chemicals. This is illegal and you are encouraging others to do this to themselves. I think you should reconsider what you are doing to yourself, and seek help if you have an addiction.
    I understand an initial curiosity about the effects that such a drug might have on your thoughts and emotions, but the risks and inevitable damage outweighs whatever temporary emotional or creative benefits.
    I hope you consider my point of view and maybe rethink this part of your lifestyle. Feel free to contact me with a response.

    • I’m not encouraging others, I’m giving them the facts about how to do it safely, given that they’re going to do it anyway. I’ve got other entries on the pros and cons and I know everyone will decide for themselves whether they want to try it – it’s just that a lot of inexperienced users can and do hurt themselves, hence this guide. I get a lot of traffic from people searching for things like “how to make a homemade cracker”, which is extremely dangerous, as I’ve made clear – if I was to be a non-user and to have the “all drugs are bad” attitude you seem to have, I doubt they’d listen to my advice. What risks and inevitable damage are you talking about?
      It’s the same stuff they give you at the dentist, and is the safest drug out there, so long as it’s done the right way. If by addiction you mean a dependence – then no, I can not have it, and I do only do it on special occasions. If by addiction you mean that I take it sometimes, but since it’s technically a controlled substance then it must be wrong to do so, then I suggest you try to remember that there’s a difference between use and abuse.

    • your a dick.

  3. wah- wah- wah tttttssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    my fav noises ever! be careful dangerous if done standing up and in lrg amounts. b safe jah bless da lackalonja fo da manjabi chicken boooooiiii bumbaclottt

  4. 8 Breezy

    its better if you get a tank and fill it up with nos & put it ina balloon n inhaleee xhallle ;D

  5. 9 steve

    how the fuck can i aquire a good noz tank not the car shit ive already done plenty and plenty of dumb people have dirty noz tanks and crackers just dont cut it for me where can i find a place that will sell me a good Noz tank

  6. 10 Matt

    So do you keep on inhaling until you’ve got all of your dose (say 4-6 bulbs). One after another. Or do you have a break between each one?

  7. 11 Anon.

    Thanks for the info mate.

    Drug Information = safer experience.

  8. 12 me

    hey man i just wanted to ask a few questions about noz because all the people i ask just say,”it’s the shit” so i just wanted to know what it really does before i try it you know?

    • It is likely to disappoint unless ingested when one is at least merrily stoned, though severe sleep deprivation works just as well. Unless you’re on mushrooms, acid, or something similar you will need much more nitrous to trip and even then, your trips will not be Technicolor explorations of your innermost psyche… But you may experience some womping of your surroundings, with things moving to the music; intimate objects seeming to come alive; crossed sensual experiences like smelling sight, seeing music and the like. It’s a good idea to be in a dark-ish area to allow your imagination more ambiguities in your surroundings to play with – in broad daylight it will require a buttload of nitrous bulbs to completely alter your perception of where, when, who and why you are! If you have a UV lamp, turn that on; if not, blast some trippy music and watch the tantalising movements of the itunes visualiser (the one with the orbs, not the classic visualiser, a.k.a. plummeting into the horizon) – your mind will soon assume that the visualiser is a living entity, moving and emitting the music at you. Or try placing a mirror around where you’ll be tripping – if you can catch a glimpse of yourself whilst dissociated, you will not recognise your own reflection and will be given the unique opportunity to meet yourself from another person’s point of view. Just play nice, because I’ve seen things get nasty – violence can escalate pretty rapidly when the other “person” (the reflection) is mirroring every move: this makes the confused tripper up the ante, and so on ad infinitum – or at least until the mirror is clubbed with the machine.
      Make sure once you’ve had a decent amount your head is supported, because you don’t have to worry about things like holding yourself up when you’re in the depths of psychedelic relaxation. You will feel floaty. You will not be able to judge time with any degree of accuracy. You may suddenly think that you can get up mid-trip and do something, like you would usually do – but you will be wrong, and very dizzy. Get comfortable and stay sitting for a few minutes after the gas has finished. You may feel like you have moved beyond your physical form. When you run out, you may feel like you cannot breathe without nitrous or that you need it to live; this is its addictive properties tricking you – you’ve lived perfectly well without it and will survive once its gone. Hope that helps, anything beyond this is entirely personal and depends on the surroundings, mind frame, and luck of the draw trip-wise and thus can’t be pinned down. Be prepared to be surprised!

  9. 14 young doc

    Taking care of a 20 year old in the ICU with a tube in his throat after inhaling nos. The lungs are wrecked. Has been on a breathing machine for 10 days. Now needs a Tracheostomy ( a hole in the throat because to stay on the “vent”. Also will be needing a tube put in the stomach in order to be fed. The life expectancy and quality of life are now shit.
    Not worth it. This persons family are in pain. The parents, brothers, cousins and friends are all just distraught. Very sad. Not worth it.

    • 15 ignorantpeopleerrywhere

      ^ Ignorant person trying to scare you from using it. After inhaling NOS. What, did he literally inhale the NOS for cars? Or was he going under for surgery? 😛

  10. 16 kah

    quick question, i wanna buy it, but all the site are callin it whip cream chargers, is it the same thing?

    • 17 laurenmush

      yes they are the same thing. make sure it is N20 and not C02. Have fun. wahhhp wahhp wahhhhp 😉

  11. 18 Anonymous

    Hello to every one, the contents present at this site are awesome for people’s knowledge. well, keep up the good work -Great info on nitrous my friend.

  12. 19 strik9

    If your stupid enough to do such a thing, you deserve whats comin to you. The world is better off without morons who do this kinda shit.

    • 20 laurenmush

      lol such an ignorant snob. the world is better off without judgmental people like yourself who put themselves above others for such petty reasons. every person is different and we should all be able to do things without others judging. I lived on college and this was a very common thing, even among the most “prestigious” medical and law students. Get over yourself.

    • 21 hi

      stik9 why don’t you fuck off and die, before i find you and do the world a favor, go fuck your self

      thank you and go eat shit

    • I think a lot of people are wounded and sick. I don’t believe this attitude is a helpful one. Drug addiction is but one addiction of many – one that happens to not be socially acceptable. Sugar, FaceBook, alcohol, processed food, television etc – can be just as harmful, but are socially accepted.

  13. 23 Caro

    Just read your nitrous post. Found it very helpful…thank you! Hope you’re doing well. Love the way you write.

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