Lizard Fears Self – A Rare Consequence of Aggression


Ridiculous Lizard

I found this in an old book; wouldn’t a video of this ridiculous behavior be most amusing? If anyone has seen a lizard like this, put it in next to a mirror, film the ensuing hilarity, post it on youtube then send me a link.

Also, I can’t believe people still think someone intelligent is responsible for the creation of animals despite this sort of thing. One need only look at Galápagos giant turtles trying to lay their eggs and then get back to the ocean to see that there hasn’t been any thought put into their existence at all – they barely make it (and look quite hilarious doing so – their size and weight makes it extremely difficult and awkward for them to maneuver around on land), but barely reproducing is all that is required of them, so they survive. If god was behind this, he would’ve made lizards knowing humans would come along and mess with mirrors and built in a system of recognition that would prevent such displays; he wouldn’t have made it so preposterously difficult for the turtles to reproduce, and he wouldn’t have made human beings so gullible that they’d believe anyone was behind any of it.


6 Responses to “Lizard Fears Self – A Rare Consequence of Aggression”

  1. God did create lizards, and mirrors are one of the many tools of the devil.

    • bahahah I bet they would rather believe that than accept these things weren’t designed. I’ve got an essay on the potential negative effects of holding incorrect beliefs…But I suppose actual christians wouldn’t bother reading something that so obviously opposed to their views. That’s why you’re rare – most believers are so attached to their beliefs that they fall prey to the confirmation bias – they subconsciously ignore evidence against their belief and only look for confirming evidence. So they’d read their buy-bull, searching for confirming evidence – nevermind that anything from the bible is only true if he does, in fact, exist, so their argument is entirely circular – he exists since people have said so in this book and we can trust the book since he exists…right. The fact that you read things that were contrary to your opinions back then shows that you hunger for truth, above comfort and you don’t fall victim to the bias because you remain open to being wrong. That is so rare these days, I think you deserve medals.

  2. 3 pablo

    even though there are thousands of complex creatures on this planet– including us humans– you give two examples of flaws in two certain species to disprove the fact that God exists. And the mirror thing isnt really a flaw. Thats just one of the many things that separates animals from humans

    • 4 Minh

      …But that’s like a statistical representation.

      Two flaws in two species = thousands of flaws in thousands of species.

      For someone who’s trying to correct someone you forgot to correct your number regarding the millions of species in existence.

  3. Sry for commenting OFFTOPIC – which WordPress template do you use? It looks awesome!!

  4. 6 דיבבקר

    you can say there are flows on different creaturs and species you can give thousands of examples of those flows, you can go farther and ask “if there is agod, why dont he creats a perfect world where there are no wars and desies. you’d be missing the point. first of all in the bible it says god did creat that kind of world but it “didnt work”. now, im not talking about first sin. farthermore, i dont think there was any heven, but its a fable. wich tells you, just like in the third movie of the metrix for those who’v seen and understood, a human cant be happy in such a world. and not becaus he cant bare be truly happy, but becaus he needs to be the one who takes himself there, and becaus that kind of world demands you to loose your free will, and without free will, your life dont really wort living.

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