On Xanax and Valium


The elementary easing of anxiety

Instead of going to a doctor for anxiety, try buying Magnesium supplements. $18 for 100 pills. It’s not addictive, nor will it make you anxious like valium and xanax when you don’t have it. Magnesium relaxes your muscles. Imagine being in a really stressful situation, and instead of your muscles tensing up, they relax – it’s hard to be stressed when you’re relaxed. A small level of anxiety is actually quite normal – it’s what stops us from stealing and running around naked; some people lose this on prescription anti-anxiety medication and end up participating in madness. The side effects are diverse, but most people will get decreased motivation and grogginess, a perpetual feeling of being drained .

I’ve been on xanax and valium for 6 years and it’s left me with no memory and a burning love for them that even I’m afraid of. I’ve tried the disappointing other alternative – the breathe, don’t run away & rationalise approach of therapists. This proves problematic: “Just breathe when your world is collapsing; you’ll be fine.” You feel like you’re dying? That’s normal, you won’t die, just stay and suffer until you can work through it and fix it. I’ve never stayed long enough to get to tackle the things that trigger anxiety and destroy them because I was too anxious to sit and breathe… with magnesium, I can handle it. Which means it can handle intense crazies like mine, so it’ll work for regular crazies like everyone else’s.


In rehab, I started twitching like a sketchy fucker because I was coming off of valium. There was this magical supplement called Magnesium. Supplements have never done shit for me before, but they stopped opiate and benzo withdrawals. One heroin addict was completely grey and cramped up and the normal dosage put an end to his torture. It even stops HEROIN WITHDRAWALS – probably the most uncomfortable state of being your body can be in – so it can handle your anxiety.

Just stay the hell away from “plight remover” pills such as xanax or valium; your tolerance will grow quickly and soon you don’t even remember what it was like to have a memory, so you don’t know what you’ve lost and you’re hooked. Letting go of a benzo was like prying the pills out of my own cold dead hands. My hands are both doing the prying and being pried? It’s madness. Stay away.

I would never usually speak ill about a drug, but these things are like cigarettes. You take some, they make everything different… you take enough of them, and they’ll just be making life normal. Without them you’re an anxious wreck, more so than you were before you started them. You up your dosage. Again, all is well for a short while. But most of the time, you barely have enough to “survive on” and you have to constantly deny yourself a pleasure that you hold in a bottle in thy own hand. This leads to lapses in will, premature script filling and raised dosages. It’s a vicious cycle and the only way it stops automatically is when your tolerance is around the O.D. limit – you take your normal amount and die a surprisingly tense and painful death for someone with so many relaxants in their system.



4 Responses to “On Xanax and Valium”

  1. 1 Jennifer

    Haha, I’m visitor #709,692 and there’s no prize. 😦 Anywho, after reading your “benefits of leaving a comment”, I have decided that there definately are! This was enlightening and refreshing to finally hear some light exposed on these dangerous drugs. I have yet to believe that these drugs actually help to decrease anxiety in someone’s life. If anything, it decreases personality and self esteem, which I don’t know what is worst. When dealing with my own bouts of anxiety in the past, I was never prescribed or recommended these drugs and I am so thankful for it (Now, anyway). It forced me to evaluate the roots of the anxiety, and that, in turn, led to better body awareness, which ultimately led me to finding peace with my thoughts. I have heard of magnesium for the muscles from several massage therapists, so I know it is a good supplement for muscle relaxation if anything. Okay, so still, no prize?

  2. I give thee the permission to pat thyself on the back. You never learn to come up with your own solutions to anxiety-producing shituations if you just take “plight-remover” pills! And these things are going to keep happening, it’s life! I used to be very pro-benzo’s, because I had a condition as a child where I wasn’t expected to live very long. That lead to me being unable to make long term goals, instead focusing on short-term gratification. Of course, while doped up on those pills, I didn’t know any of this πŸ™‚

  3. You are so cool! I do not suppose I have read something like that before. So good to find another person with some original thoughts on this subject matter. Seriously.. many thanks for starting this up. This site is one thing that’s needed on the web, someone with some originality!

  1. 1 On Xanax and Valium – Drug Detox Info

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