On happiness


We don’t enjoy simple things as much as we should. We’re so wrapped up in the trivial, menial details of everyday life that we never stop to lay on the grass and stare at the clouds. Watching cartoons is ok, but it’s ingesting a set entertainment, prescribed by someone else. Watching clouds requires no money, no technology; clouds are never polluted by anyone else’s intention. They’re entirely open to your interpretation of them. Sure, when people ask you what you do for fun and you reply “stare at clouds”  they may not be as able to relate as if you were to reply “family guy, party, etc”. This is because they don’t also enjoy such simple things; it doesn’t mean these things are not worthwhile. It just means you need new friends who you can relate to better. Staring at clouds is certainly a better way to pass the time than going to an establishment like [insert trendy pub/club] to spend time with inebriated, sweaty people who you deem “friends”. Sure you may like them, but you can’t even hear what they don’t have to say over the blaring music (which you don’t get to choose). You may have interesting conversations, but if that’s all because you’re on drugs, and you can’t even fully recollect the events of the night upon sobering, then how have you learned? It may be fun, but at what cost? Your brain, your time. It’s an empty enjoyment that will leave you with that same void in the end.

 Change your perspective, change your priorities. If you’re unhappy, don’t whine about it and cover up the tears with drugs. Don’t escape it, actively work to change your reality so that it is no longer something that needs escaping.  Happiness cannot be found in a gram of meth, a nos machine or a syringe. Happiness has to come from within, from a place so independent of the details of your life that nothing can shake it.


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