Taking Nitrous – Too Much Nitrous


780 Boxes of Nitrous illustrating the fact that no matter how many boxes of nitrous you have, you will always want one more box. Letters are two boxes tall and each box contains 10 bulbs – all of them empty, of course. 412405_10150515397488879_1640625168_o

My previous stance on substances was that, as long as one uses them as the icing on the cake of life, and not as the cake itself, they are acceptable, even desirable. Upon further reflection I have come to realize that this is not the case. Although my mind was very good at justifying my own behavior to myself, I see now that with all drugs I was merely self-medicating. Escaping a deeper problem, or distracting myself from it. I no longer advocate for their use.

2 Responses to “Taking Nitrous – Too Much Nitrous”

  1. 1 josh

    ahh, u should see my collection,,,,i took a load to metal recy hoping to be discret bout it and the they told me i need to provide them with a ABN number because they weighed more than 300kg

    • Haha really? How many boxes is that? I have a huge stash right now, i assumed those people who pick up metal for free would come and clean up after me eventually. No such luck?

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