A bout About “About Me”s and About Me

I stumbled across an entry on “the importance of an about me page”, filled with tips on how to promote ‘the self’ and ‘access to the self’ by the reader via wordpress – not in those words, of course. Apart from that, the author asks –  “Have you put up an About me page for your blog or do you think that it’s not important to let your readers know who you are?”… I don’t think it’s at all important for readers to know who I am, though I do enjoy irony so instead, I’m writing an about me page about the pointlessness of doing so and the futility of reading onward.
The information contained below shouldn’t hold any influence over your appreciation of the boredom repellent that I can share with you. You shouldn’t even be reading this: the point of the pseudonym is that you have a chance to remain an objective reader, divorced from all of those sub-conscious social drives that bear influence over your opinions when you read material from disclosed authors. If this particular bit of mind-biscuit had been your best friend’s new blog, you would react to it in a fundamentally different way, since any person close enough to you probably forms a vital piece of your own mind-cake. Now, bearing with my hunger-inspired-baked-goods-analogy, what I suggest is that you nibble on my various blogs ignoring what kind of cake my mind might be, to be spouting such things. My identity is so secret, not even I know who I am. You need know nothing else, cease reading this.
I see that you have failed, and this provides some amusement. Your reward, the only irrelevant piece of information about me which I do disclose here is that I am, in fact, female, despite what the size of my ego would tend to suggest. I say this only because I am sick of unfounded assumptions – does the “captain” title have some manly undertones for you, or is it my tremendous arrogance? I really doubt it matters, ultimately, what gender I was born into. I think it is incredibly superficial of anyone to be proclaiming that they are “straight” or “gay” (though I understand the silly societal pressures that encourage such blatant self-labeling). When you consider the kind of person you could love, could something as trivial and arbitrary as gender really play any kind of limiting role for you? If you were to discover the mind of someone that makes you feel complete, within a body that’s not tailored to the specifications of your sexual orientation, would you just discard the possibility of being with them? Strange tangent though this may be, I am of the view that if you have closed yourself off to the possibility of bisexuality, you haven’t really considered what matters in love. The body is just a vehicle for the mind…Never you mind. Consider it if you are capable, if not, then take your mind off of your mind back here.

If you want to support me – I’m currently fundraising to afford rehab and heal. I aim to help others heal their addictions once I am done healing mine. Currently stuck on government-sanctionned opiates a.k.a. Suboxone! I’m cutting down at present and saving up – rehab is expensive!

8 Responses to “A bout About “About Me”s and About Me”

  1. “An about me page is one of the most important pages of a blog because readers need to know about the person who’s blog they are reading and what the blog is about.”


    Glad to see that you, too, took the advice and insight to heart though.

  2. Hey everyone. I’m hoping to meet new friends here so drop me a note when you
    get a chance.

    I hope to make some quality posts soon but first I have to look around the forum and
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    Bye for now. lol


    Biggest Loser of All Time

  3. Your blog is funny… I was LMAO after reading your plea for comments…. “scrotum pimples?” Really? Bahahaha…. love it.

    If you get a chance, stop by my blog http://ramblesandraves.wordpress.com

    It’s a place where I ramble on about anything.

    Take care,

  4. This site rocks!

  5. I don’t usually reply to posts but I will in this case, great info…I will add a backlink and bookmark your site. Keep up the good work!

  6. 6 Kylee Lake

    Nice writing style.I noticed your blog from Bing and thought it was great!. How long have you been writing on the internet?Just the other day I recently started a blog myself and its been a fascinating process. I’ve met some new people since then although it can be a real chore at times! Anyway, much appreciated for your article!

  7. 7 Fran

    Very amusing blog. Keeps the boredom out at work. I’ve been laughing out loud at the quotes pages and the boss is starting to get suspicious.

    Just in case you have not already checked these out, may I recommend:

    -the artwork of Alex Grey
    -the comedy of Bill Hicks
    -the music of Tool (lyrically speaking)


  8. 8 Meble Szkolne

    This is very interesting, You are a very skilled blogger. I’ve joined your feed and look forward to seeking more of your magnificent posts. Also, I have shared your site in my social networks!

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