If you have a quote that I have missed, or a new quote, feel free to comment on it the Demetri Quotes Post – it’s supposed to be a self-maintaining, growing collection of his works, updated by readers. Lately, there has been far too many irrelevant comments to this end – so here are the links to where you can talk about what I’ve noticed people talking about, apart from adding quotes. If you want me to make a new page because your comment doesn’t fit in any category, write it in here.

If you want to comment on how funny/attractive Demetri is or how much you want him in the pants, do it here.

And if you want to debate who the best comedians are and who is funnier than who, do it here.

If you want to say thank you for putting up the quotes or want me to edit something in an inaccurate comment that someone has quoted, let me know here – there’s no need to tell them, I can edit their comments myself, and if you want to tell them off for quoting incorrectly, email them or let out your hatred for that person by commenting here.

If you have a problem with someone on another post, or even a minor disagreement – especially on Demetri quotes; please stop clogging u the post let your hatred flow forth here. Or better yet, why not email the person you have a problem with directly? Do you need others, people you’ll never meet, to see that you’ve had the last word?

I’m taking down the other comments from the Demetri posts, or at least trying to move them for you. I’ve been as reasonable as can be expected, please comply with this new rule, don’t make me set it to high security and make me have to approve every single comment individually, I don’t have that kind of time. I personally find this so ridiculous that it’s actually gotten funny, the fact that I have to do this.

4 Responses to “DEMETRI COMMENTS”

  1. 1 Tiffany Hanson

    I think the worst place to have a fire would be at the factory where they make those trick birthday candles.

  2. 2 Sean

    I’ve been looking for a Demetri Martin quote and having trouble finding it…can you help out?

    he says something about how much you are interested in your kids vs how much anyone else is interested in your kids.

    I have a few friends (that term used loosely here) that are the most obnoxious parents in the f’ing world and I want to share it with them. Maybe they’ll shut up about the little f’ers, even if just for a few minutes.

    Thanks. Love the site.

  3. 3 Angela Wong

    Demetri Martin’s coming to the University of Maryland Thursday, Oct. 28, 2010 with Mike Birbiglia. Tickets for those with UMCP ID $7-$12 and general public $20-$25. Get them at

  1. 1 Demetri Martin Quotes « musings of an overactive mind

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