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780 Boxes of Nitrous illustrating the fact that no matter how many boxes of nitrous you have, you will always want one more box. Letters are two boxes tall and each box contains 10 bulbs – all of them empty, of course. My previous stance on substances was that, as long as one uses them […]

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On happiness


We don’t enjoy simple things as much as we should. We’re so wrapped up in the trivial, menial details of everyday life that we never stop to lay on the grass and stare at the clouds. Watching cartoons is ok, but it’s ingesting a set entertainment, prescribed by someone else. Watching clouds requires no money, […]

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Drug Addict?


To those who say I have a drug problem, I say I have a drug solution. To those that say I’m a drug addict, I say I’m a substance enthusiast. To those that say they care about me and want to help me, I say…              lend me money.

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